Brian Chung

Software Developer


About Me

Hello! My name is Brian Chung, and I’m currently an undergraduate studying Computer Science. I love collaborating with others to discover solutions to difficult problems. I firmly believe that success doesn’t become a reality through only dreams; it takes persistence, dedication, and hard work.

I enjoy keeping myself busy and like a fast-paced environment. I love drinking tea and eating out at restaurants. I visit LA for its food at least once a week.

I look forward to traveling and exploring the world in the future. Check out my social media pages to get to know more about my personal life!

Recent Projects

Below you’ll find a selection of my most recent projects that showcase my interests.

Visualize Covid 19

Dynamic visualization of the COVID 19 virus. Get a daily report of the virus spread and compare it with its history. Built with React, Deck.gl, Node.js, and Material UI.

Sort Algo

Visualize sorting algorithms to see how they work! Implemented Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, and Bubble Sort.

Free Thyme

An automated meeting generator. Uses the Google Calendar API and Python to generate free time from multiple calendars.

Online TicTacToe

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with friends! Supports both local and online gameplay.


Finding the perfect meeting location has never been easier! Enter two addresses, the occasion, and we’ll help you find where you want to go.

Order Services

Mobile application to provide demand and predictive ordering of services for customers.


Fullerton, California
(714) 851-5946